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The Team

Who We Are



In the heart of Harare's northern tranquility, an idea blossomed: a haven where time slows and the world fades, a place to escape the relentless pace of everyday life. Thus, the Wine Tot was born.

Nestled in this serene spot, we felt that it beckoned those seeking a break at day's end, offering a sanctuary to unwind with an exquisite array of wines and whiskeys. But it wasn't just about the drinks; the Wine Tot's charm would amplify by its delectable tapas, crafted with care by a skilled head chef. Each dish, a perfect complement to the curated selection of libations. And for those who would want to bring a piece of this haven home, the on-premise retail outlet would offer a trove of exclusive bottles.

The Wine Tot wouldn't be just a bar; it would be a retreat, a pause in life's ceaseless rush, a place to savour moments and create memories.

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